To all of our valued customers.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the salon and helping both you and your hair to feel great again.

To ensure that we prioritise your wellbeing we have put together this protocol for hair appointments and the operation of the salon during this period of Covid19 restrictions in order to meet the Government’s guidelines and the advice provided by the National Hair and Beauty Federation to protect the health and safety of all of our clients and staff.

SALON LAYOUT – We have moved the Reception Desk to the front of the salon and reorganised the salon layout to ensure that there is at least a one-metre plus to 2-metre distance between clients at all times. Fortunately, we are a large salon and have lots of space which will ensure that we can manage and adhere to the social distancing guidelines.

VULNERABLE AND ANXIOUS CLIENTS – we are offering a number of early appointment slots for Seniors and vulnerable or anxious clients. We are also offering the option to have your appointment with a Stylist in our beauty room at the rear of the salon – this room will be restricted to one client at a time and will be carefully cleaned and sterilised between appointments.

PERSONAL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT (PPE) FOR STAFF – All staff will wear a visor, apron and gloves throughout your appointment.

CUSTOMERS MASKS – In order to attend your appointment, we require all of our customers to wear a mask. We would prefer you to wear your own mask or face covering but can also supply a disposable mask if required.

CLEANING AND STERLISATION – All seats, towels and equipment will be carefully cleaned and sterilised and time will be allowed for cleaning before and after each customer appointment. Disposable gowns and capes will be used. Every member of staff has been trained in sterilisation and infection control and gained the BARBICIDE accreditation to ensure that we adhere to the guidelines to keep our clients, staff and salon healthy and safe.

OPENING HOURS – we will be offering earlier and extended opening hours and the use of our beauty room at the rear of the salon for vulnerable or anxious clients.

RESTRICTED NUMBER OF CUSTOMERS IN THE SALON – we will schedule customer appointments to ensure that a restricted number of clients and staff are in the salon at any one time so that we can meet the social distancing requirements.

NO WAITING AREA OR SALON MAGAZINES – to minimise the risk of infection we will no longer have a waiting area and will not be providing magazines during this period of restrictions. We have removed our reception sofa to provide more space within the salon and to meet social distancing requirements.

PROMPT ARRIVAL TIME – As we have removed our waiting area it is important that you please ensure that you arrive promptly at the allocated time for your appointment. Unfortunately, we will not be able to see clients who arrive late for their appointment as this will impact other clients and our schedule has been carefully designed to ensure that we meet the guidelines and cleaning time needed between each appointment.

RESTRICTION ON COATS AND PERSONAL BELONGINGS – to minimise the risk of infection we ask that you attend your appointment with minimum personal belongings. We will no longer be able to hang up customer coats so we either ask that you don’t wear a coat or that you bring a carrier bag to put your coat in. Please restrict this to one bag per client.

CHECK-IN WITH EACH CLIENT PRIOR TO APPOINTMENTS – at the beginning of the day of your appointment we ask you to phone us to confirm that you are fit & well and meet all of the COVID19 health guidelines before attending. Providing that it is safe for you to attend, we will then reconfirm appointment time and remind each customer of our new protocol – in summary this means – please wear a mask or face covering, arrive on time as no waiting area, restrict personal belongings and coats or provide your own bag to put on floor and that we will no longer be able to provide magazines or drinks until it is safe to do so. If you have a longer appointment you might like to bring a drink and something to read.

HAND SANITISER – we will also ask each client to use hand sanitiser when entering the salon and will supply this unless you would prefer to bring your own.

CARD PAYMENT MACHINE – We prefer to take card payments and will disinfect the payment machine after each use.

HAIR BLOW DRYING – At this point in time, the government have not restricted blow drying so we can offer this unless the guidelines change. We will also be offering wet cuts and hair colouring or perms.

CLIENT CONTACT DETAILS – We are required by the Government to obtain and keep a temporary record of each client’s contact details for 21 days, to assist the NHS Test and Trace in containing clusters or outbreaks of Covid19 so please assist us in providing these details.

CANCELLATIONS AND RE-BOOKING APPOINTMENTS – If you are unwell, displaying any Covid19 symptoms, or waiting for results of a Covid19 test, or living with members of a household who currently have symptoms then we will need to cancel and postpone your appointment. We will ensure that you are given priority booking for the next earliest possible appointment slot when it is safe for you to attend. Likewise, if your stylist is unwell or unable to attend work we will inform you and give you priority re-booking. If you have to cancel at short notice for any other reason then we cannot guarantee that we will be able to offer priority booking and appointment slots will be offered subject to availability and demand.

We understand that this will all require some changes to the way that we have previously operated and we ask for your co-operation to help put all of these safety measures and precautions into action.

Please rest assured that you will still receive a very warm and friendly welcome when you visit the salon and that everything we have outlined here is just to ensure we take all the necessary precautions to keep you healthy and safe.

Craig and the Team x